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Heycameraman.net is where i log my daily adventures in local tv news using the latest social-media tools and apps. Sometimes its exciting, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always my own personal opinion. I usually keep it light and funny on the site so pls don’t take anything on here personal. I’m alittle cynical with a bit of smartass/sarcasm on the side. :)

Just a word about the videos on this site, aside from the embedded ones ie: youtube, vimeo etc, they are for the most part being uploaded from the wordpress iphone app, which supports the <video> tag. And thanks to the browser wars not all browsers support this. Meaning you might not be able to view them.

If you use Google Chrome or Safari browsers you’ll have no problem seeing the videos. If you u use firefox or internet explorer (shudder) i would suggest downloading at least Google Chrome, its a fantastic browser. I personally use Google Chrome and Firefox both because until the browser wars are over some sites display better in one or the other.

Again thanks for stopping by my corner of the Internets!




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