Custom search links to help you track #Hurricane #Irene videos and pics. #Media #Journalism #kansascity

Looking to keep up with media being generated from Hurricane Irene over the weekend? Twitter Search is a great way to folo pics and video content being generated for hurricane irene. Here are just some of the sites I search, you can go to Twitter Search and create custom searches of your own. If you’re looking to see video and pics from Hurricane Irene check out these links i’ve provided. With all these searches make sure you change the way the tweets appear in the timeline from “Top” to “All” to see the see the most recent. <<<very important to do this.!/search/hurricane%20irene%20twitvid Twitvid!/search/hurricane%20irene%20youtube Youtube!/search/hurricane%20irene%20yfrog yfrog!/search/hurricane%20irene%20lockerz lockerz!/search/hurricane%20irene%20vimeo vimeo!/search/realtime/hurricane%20irene%20twitpic TwitPic

Make sure to save these searches

A couple of other site for photos include twipho and twicsy.  Both search engines offer the ability to customize searches for Twitter pics.

If you have any other suggestions please share in the comments. Thanks and everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene pls stay safe. No picture or video is worth you getting injured.


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