Thoughts? “AT&T and Beats will introduce Beats Music – an innovative new music streaming service”

Presser Below:

On January 21, AT&T and Beats will introduce Beats Music – an innovative new music streaming service that solves two challenges: high costs for families and lack of unique personalization for users.

Beats Music Family from AT&T provides unlimited streaming music and downloads for up to five family members across 10 devices at only $14.99 a month exclusively for AT&T wireless customers on multi-line account – and these families get the first 90 days free. Individual AT&T wireless customers can get the same access across three devices for $9.99 a month with the first 30 days free.

Beats Music is different from existing services in that it provides a truly personalized experience: real music experts and DJs select your content to help you discover new music that matches your own taste and interests. Going for a skateboarding sesh? Check out Thrasher Magazine’s latest playlist. Love a certain artist? Listen to his or her personal playlist. Barbecuing by the pool for your dad’s birthday party and he’s a huge fan of country music? Just tell Beats Music and a playlist will be created just for your event.

AT&T and Beats began a collaboration two years ago aiming to change the music streaming industry with a subscription service marketed through a mobile carrier. Beats’ expertise in software, curation and personalization coupled with AT&T’s premium wireless network and innovative history of providing affordable options for families will solve multiple problems existing in the current marketplace.

Beats Music will be available for download in app stores on Android, iOS and Windows devices or from a PC beginning Jan. 21.