Ep39 NGMPodcast:*Exclusive* w/Patrick O’Keefe Keynote 4 #podcamptopeka Open wifi’s dangerous? iPhone’s unsecure?

Episode 39 of NextGenMedia Podcast: iPhone Security Breach, Open Wifi’s are dangerous, MySpace is alive?  Cowboys and Chiefs Football Report, and the latest tech news and our Tech Trifecta which is made up of our Tech of the Week, our Tweet of the Week and our Tech Douche of the Week.

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We also have an ***Exclusive Interview*** with Patrick O’Keefe Keynote speaker at this years Podcamp Topeka Happening Saturday Nov 6th 2010 in Topeka KS

Join us as we BS our way through another fun show on NextGenMedia Podcast.
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Techs of the Week:

Tech Douches of the Week:

Anyone who dresses up as an iPhone or an iPad :)

Saint Vincent Euphrasia – For banning WiFi at it’s elementary school

Frank Barrett aka @fnbarrett – For being his own tweet of the week.

Tweets of the Week:

@JeromeGriffith can not forget @ and @ (you’re Cowboys suck, cameraman)

@fnbarrett – I’ll sign off with this: I thought wasn’t going to lose any more games this year. I guess my didn’t get the memo.

@PaulDankecome onnnnnnnnnnnn dreams about unicorns! tonight is our night!!!



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