*New and Insane* video of Joplin MO EF5 Tornado. #mowx #fb


“Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski knew that the atmosphere that day was going to be extremely volatile and Jeff mentioned many times in his forecast about storms near Joplin.”

The video runs about 6mins, but its well worth the time.

36 thoughts on “*New and Insane* video of Joplin MO EF5 Tornado. #mowx #fb

  1. Lisa

    Unbelievable.  You know, when you think you’ve almost seen everything regarding that tornado, that video made me have a whole different understanding.  It was almost hard to watch.  Thanks for posting that.

  2. heycameraman

    Thanks for Commenting. After 19yrs as a photojournalist I’ve arrived on the scene of some pretty horrible tragedies. But what this guy experienced from essentially the calm before the storm to its ultimate horrific end is nothing short of amazing and tragic. Our station news director knows the guy and says he’s havin a hard time dealing with what he saw. I can only imagine.



  3. Sjbenz3

    I am a city cop on the Kansas side and have seen alot. This just took the air right out of my lungs. You did everything you could do and i am sure saved some lives. Thanks.

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