[pics] Missouri River flood showing it’s powerful reach. #kansascity



Just thought I’d share a couple of powerful images from the MO river floods I’ve been covering. These pics were taken by a friend of mine Brenda Hagood Lea, a pilot, who is also a very talented photographer. These pics were taken Sunday afternoon near Hamburg Iowa in NW Missouri/SW Iowa and that is I29 you see submerged in one of the pics.

It’s is really weird seeing her photos, partly because I was just in that area last Tuesday, now it’s all underwater. But mainly because once again I’m reminded by a very talented photographer the power and emotions a single photo can illicit.

We’ve all seen video of past floods and other disasters. But for me it’s always a photo that really brings it all home. When in Hamburg last week I saw a photo from the 52′ Flood and it was just crazy to think the Missouri River traveling that far and at the height to flood that town.

I’ll post more pics this week if I get sent north for more flood coverage.

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  1. Jeffery Anderson

    Just think of the upcoming damage to the interstate when the flood finally ends.

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